walking wounded

I started listening to Everything But The Girl sometime back in 2012 or 2013 in New York. That might seems somewhat unlikely given how prissy the music can be, but there is some continuity between my teenage love of Steely Dan and the genre-spanning jazz rock that EBTG put out over decades.

The first album of theirs I listened through many times was The Language of Life, which has some great tunes on it. But I eventually cycled through their whole catalogue and all of it is good, Eden probably being the one I’ve come back to most frequently.

my chicago apartment

The specific memory that hit me recently was when I moved to Chicago for a few months in the dead of winter. That was my apartment, above. I remember driving to Microcenter through the ice and snow covered city, playing Mirrorball and Big Deal a bunch.

I loved Chicago, and especially that apartment. It was dirt cheap at $1600/mo. - for two bedrooms no less! Those few months were a sequence in my life that I wish had gotten more time.

my chicago apartment

Everything But The Girl is worth spending some time with. Tracy Thorn’s biography, Bedsit Disco Queen, was also a fun read. And Walking Wounded is a particularly good album that reminds me of snowy midwestern streets and empty electronics stores.

walking wounded outtake