NITE SCHOOL -- a new radio show

nite school

One of the things that stuck with me from Donald Fagen’s Eminent Hipsters is how much radio shaped him growing up. Early in his teens he’d stay up late into the night listening to jockeys in New York selecting jazz tunes, their transmitted taste uninterrupted for hours.

These days, the closest thing (as far as I can tell) that we have to interesting, contemporary musical radio shows are the mixes that we find on SoundCloud – but often these are hyper-specialized (“so-and-so plays great east-German minimal house”). There are examples of people who still capture great variety in their sets, but they’re few and far between. And no one that I’ve come across does it in the format of a radio program.

I’ve been recording house mixes for a little while now, but ever since I read the Fagen book, I’d had the bug to try out this radio format. I love playing house tunes, but, as my friend, fellow sometimes-DJ Kevin Christensen will tell you, the genre can start to feel like it’s boxing you in.

This Saturday I finally got a decent mic set up and recorded the first episode of NITE SCHOOL, a radio-style program that’s recorded live and captures a wider breadth of the kind of music I’m into. It’s my idealized soundtrack to solitary late nights. I’m going to try to keep up with a strict per-week release.

Hope you enjoy, and drop a line if you’re diggin it.

Download NITE SCHOOL 001 here.