turntables were getting flabby so I had to put them on a strict regimen of sautéed broccoli and forgotten r&b. we finally made it back to the internet only semi-scathed. join us as we venture back into the dark with tracks ranging from shimmering ghettowaste to marooned ambient, ‘79 to 2016. Pacifica is the same as ever.

  1. azymuth - dear limmertz
  2. the police - walking on the moon
  3. rome fortune - tropical
  4. tears for fears - pale shelter
  5. space dimension controller - transatlantic landing bay
  6. the whispers - keep on lovin’ me
  7. oh, yoko - seashore (sprinkles’ ambient ballroom)
  8. fish go deep - off script
  9. deep dish, everything but the girl - the future of the future (solid gold)
  10. grace jones - pull up to the bumper
  11. camp lo - coolie high
  12. mimismooth - message